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February 25th, 2020

Friends Only

Ready for Love
A couple of my 'lurkers' have mentioned to me that I haven't updated for a while. This is because I've gone friends only so if you're an LJ lurker and not on my friends list, then you won't be able to see my updates. This is going to be my last public entry so if you want to be on my friends list, leave me a note here. But if you don't have an LJ and are just 'lurking' (Yes Andy, I'm talking to you! :op) then you can read my OpenDiary instead which is still public and updated almost as often as my LJ.

If you're already on my friends list then you're safe, so no need to comment, begging not to be cut ;o)

Cheers m'dears!

April 29th, 2011

101 things in 1001 days

Ready for Love
It is done. I've just spent the last 3 hours finishing this off and organising it into section. My eyes are tired now. Please, join me in this, it'll be fun! I'll be updating each challenge as and when I complete it, it will be integrated into my journal. How bizarre that I finished this at exactly midnight on the day I was planning on starting! It was meant to be...

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Some common goal setting tips:
1. Be decisive. Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.
2. Stay Focussed. Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress.
3. Welcome Failure. Frequently, very little is learned from a venture that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy.
4. Write down your goals. It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment.
5. Keep your goals in sight. Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.

I haven't quite finished my list yet but I've been writing it for about a week now and I'm getting impatient and want to start, lol, so I'll be adding things and making it up to 101 as I go. I won't cheat, though, April 29th 2011 will still be my deadline for the new ones too!

Deadline is April 29th 2011, 1001 days to go as of August 1st 2008.

26 / 101 tasks completed.
462 days to go as of 20th January 2010

Challenges struck through are completed. Challenges in italics are works in progress. Each completed task and work in progress will have a link to a page where I've written about it. So, here we go!Collapse )

February 10th, 2009

Officially Rubbish

I really don't do anything with my evenings any more apart from read random things online. I'm not even doing anything useful, just reading. Reading journals. Reading a journal specifically. I get like that, I start reading something and I just have to carry on reading it and can't bring myself to stop. Jess isn't going pole dancing this week so I'll probably end up not going either as I sometimes find it hard to motivate myself if I'm only relying on myself. I couldn't even motivate myself enough to drive to Tesco tonight so I'm going to have to make something up for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I am stupid, hopefully it's a temporary phase that I'll get out of soon. Maybe it's because I've just moved house and am getting used to living on my own, and so far out of town as well. At least Simon and Bee came over to visit for an hour so I didn't isolate myself completely from the world. Simon fixed my TV :-D I now have many channels. I gave him beer, he was surprised for some reason, but also grateful. Well he bought me a freeview box and set it all up for me, I can't not give him anything in return. I also spilled an entire pint of milk all over the kitchen floor. That was fun.

Work was crap. We had a team meeting which was all going well, until Delaney decided to bring up her grievences with Tracy. Delaney is leaving work tomorrow to have a baby. She's not having a baby tomorrow, I don't think, she's just leaving tomorrow to have the baby at a later date. I knew trouble was brewing when she was saying her farewells and said "Karen, Shellie and Sharon, I've really enjoyed working with you all and I'm going to miss you." Uh oh, she didn't mention Tracy. Then she did. Basically Tracy is a bully, she puts people down, tells tales on people when they make mistakes to try and get them in trouble, throws out personal insults (for example calling me a "skinny witch" after I lost a lot of weight through stress a couple of months ago, calling Delaney a "fucking moody cow" when she wasn't in the best of moods after she nearly had a miscarriage, and, just a couple of days ago, telling Sharon that she'll "open her legs for any man." because she has children by two different men. And then denying that she said any of this.) But because she's such a bully, she's quite terrifying and no one will stand up to her, me included, so unfortunately she doesn't realise that she's making everyone feel uncomfortable, nay, not just uncomfortable, positively insecure and quite scared of going to work. When Delaney brought up this fact, telling her the way she makes people feel, she acted all innocent like she had no idea and then tried to play the victim, acting like we were all ganging up on her, and saying that it was us that has the problem, not her. Yeah right, four people are imagining all this...

After the meeting was over, Tracy spent an hour in the meeting room with our boss, crying, getting sympathy and no doubt saying all sorts of things about us that we weren't there to come back on. Thankfully our boss is on our side and knows exactly what Tracy is like. But, bringing it up is one thing, trying to sort it out is another, especially when Tracy won't even acknowledge that she is the source of the problem. *sigh* Office politics and all that.

Plans on Saturday, hopefully should all come together if no one is ill this time and there's no more snow, fingers crossed, I'm looking forward to it :-D But no more details for now just in case.

But I need to make sure I get up early enough to go to the bank because 1) I need to pay Steph for my holiday to Wales and 2) I was stupid enough to pay my rent and house deposit with the wrong cheque book and both cheques bounces, resulting in bank charges which I've never had in my life, and is also quite rude towards my landlady who now has to wait even longer for her money. I am officially rubbish.

February 5th, 2009

Still Alive

Ready for Love
Right I'm here again! I know I haven't posted for ages and ages, but I haven't had time to stop moving for about a fortnight. I was going to go pole dancing tonight but I decided I needed a night off from moving house, unpacking, socialising etc etc so I thought I'd stay in and have a bit of a rest and catch up with my online life. So, apart from Simon and Bee popping over later for a cuppa and doing a bit of unpacking, I will be writing in here, replying to all your notes and other such scrummies.Read more...Collapse )

I didn't have time to reply to your notes like I promised up there, but they were here for longer than I thought they would be, so I apologise, I'm going to have to find more time another night!

So I've just re-read this entry and it's very rambly and disjointed. I apologise for that, I was kind of distracting and not really concentrating properly when I wrote it. I hate my writing style, it's so childish and has the feel of "OMG LOLZ ROFL" etc. Ick.

January 24th, 2009

Please excuse my title, me and my friends were reciting comedy sketches in the pub last night, including lines from Donald and Davey Stott, who were on Vic Reeves' Big Night Out. Most of you will probably never have heard of it, either being on the wrong side of the Atlantic (or Pacific if you're Trish) or a bit...more sane. Heh :o)

I only dyed my hair two weeks ago and I have roots already. Hmm, I had no idea my hair grew so quickly. I don't want to dye the roots as my plan was to try a different colour once this one had washed out, so I hope my roots aren't showing too much by the time I get around to doing this.

So this weekend is my last weekend in this house, which is a very strange thought and I can't quite get my head around it. I'm going to miss the house, it's lovely, and I'm especially going to miss the huge ginormous most-comfortable-sofas-in-the-world we have. Most of my friends seem to have lived in this house at some point over the last few years, and those who haven't lived here, have certainly stayed the night here and most people have had sex in various parts of the house, including on this sofa I'm sitting on right now. Heh. Yes, that includes me...but anyway, too much information. It's the end of an era as the landlady is moving back in here, so goodbye to 8 Pleasant Close, being the social centre of our friendship group it seems! I'm quite sad to see it go, living in a 3 bed semi detached house makes me feel like a proper grown up. Being a lodger living with my landlady makes me feel like I'm taking a step backwards. Gah, come on, it's a good thing. I'll be a lot closer to work and I'll have more of my independence.

I'm packing in earnest this weekend and have started affecting the address change; I've told the bank my new address and I'm about to get a divert with the Post Office. It's £15 for six months which is worth it if you've forgotten to tell anyone about your new address. The last divert I got to this house only ran out in October, and now I've got to set up another one!

My life has once again been taken over The Gorum. I haven't posted there properly for years, but I've made my comeback and have alreaedy posted almost 500 messages in just over a week...it's a great community, I don't know why I ever left, and I've already been invited to two events that are taking place :-D I was welcomed back into the fold so easily, it's like I've never been away.

Ah, I've decided what I'm making for one of the people who posted on my handmade gifts entry :-D I can't wait to get started, I just need to gather all the right materials together. Some of you might have to wait a while as each thing has to be handmade, so don't be disappointed if it doesn't come right away, I haven't forgotten you :o)

Pole dancing on Thursday was ace, meeting Donna wasn't as scary as Jess made it out to be and I learned some awesome new moves and combinations. Sure, it was painful and hard work and, as Jess said to me "I'm just one giant bruise!" but I really felt like I got somewhere with it. I'm looking forward to the choreography class we're going to later :o) I'm going to have to get some photos and videos sorted out sometime so you can all see what I'm up to!

I seem to be getting colder and colder as I sit here, it feels like a door or window has been left open somewhere. How strange. *shivers*

Anyway, back the packing... *sigh* I hate moving house.

January 11th, 2009

Number 29 in my list of 101 things in 1001 days, dramatically change my hair with either a cut or a dye. I did both!Photos!Collapse )

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January 8th, 2009


Ready for Love
Lady at work said to my boss "Is it just me or has Delaney put on quite a bit of weight lately?" My boss says "Well I should hope she has, she's having a baby!" Delaney just happens to be 32 weeks pregnant, but it seems it's passed Carole by completely and she just thought she was putting weight on...but only on her belly...lol.Twlight review hereCollapse )

Ooh I'm going to ask the lady at the new house if I can swap the furniture around in the rooms and maybe I'll have room to put up my very own pole which will be ace! I'll have to ask her what she thinks, I hope she won't mind. Then I can practice as much as I want at home and not have to wait until I go to classes, meaning I'm progressing a lot slower than everyone else and spending more money doing it!

Anyway, oops, I've just had an hour and 10 minutes for my lunch and I normally only have 45 minutes, I kept getting distraced by various journals and forums and things! Back to work.

January 7th, 2009

Poling failure

Ready for Love
Pole dancing was going great last night, I was doing all the spins no problem despite my six week absence. But then we got onto the inverts and it turns out that I've been doing it wrong all this time. Read more...Collapse )

January 6th, 2009

Number 73 in my 101 things in 1001 days challenge, hug at least five people in one day.

Do you know what, I bet I did this more than once over the Christmas period. Everyone at work was hugging everyone on the last day, and on Christmas Eve I went out with all my friends and hugged a lot of them including Rachael, Peter, Richard, Sarah, Judith, Rosie, my sister's friend Helen, so that's way more than five! Eeeexcellent, another one to cross off the list. By the end of the month I really should have completed 18 to be keeping on track, and I'm only on 11 at the moment. Sonja, how many have you done? :op

Pole dancing tonight for the first time in about six weeks. I went to Jess' last night for a quick practice before tonight's lesson and I was pleased to find that I can still get into the invert position, but my thigh grip isn't strong enough to hold me upside down any more, boo. It's amazing how quickly you lose physical ability to do things unless you keep it up regularly.

I hope they've got the heating on tonight. When you're wearing tiny shorts and a t-shirt and no socks, it gets kind of cold in a dance studio when it's -1°C outside. Brrr!

Look at me writing all these public entries again :o) A step in the right direction for definite.

In Progress

Ready for Love
Thanks for all of your notes in my last entry, I posted the same one over on OpenDiary and everyone on both entries said I should choose house number two. So I'm going to ring the lady and ask to have another look, I'll look more closely this time and try to imagine myself living there, but I'm pretty certain it's going to be the best option. As everyone's pointed out, two miles from town isn't very far at all considering woosgirl said that she lives 30 miles from the nearest town! I've just been spoiled and always lived within easy walking distance of everything, but now I've realised that it isn't going to be a problem, I'm quite excited about it! Pete's going to be living 3.5 miles away from the city centre in Nottingham, so I'm going to be closer to the pubs than he is ;o)

I'm going to be working on a few things from my list of 101 things in 1001 days. Read more...Collapse )

I love having projects :o)
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