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Pink Muffin Explosion

12 October 1981
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I live in the UK. I've been with Jay since 2009 and we're getting married on 28th April 2017 - This didn't happen, he took his own life on 11th October 2016.
I have a degree in Media Production.
I play roller derby. A lot. I'm kind of addicted.
I work in an office full time and run a part-time dog walking and pet sitting business.
I LOVE films.
Especially those involving Ewan McGregor (I'm utterly obsessed), Baz Luhrmann and Tim Burton.
I hate liars and shallow people.
I hate animal cruelty.
I'm crap at this sort of thing, so you'd better come in, half a drink, put your feet up, make yourself at home. Please wipe your feet.